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Mandar whatsapp sin contacto

julio 1, 2022

Direct message for whatsapp

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application on Android. Most people use it to keep in touch with friends or family, although it is also used for work issues.Given its ubiquity, it is likely that there are people who at a certain time can not answer messages. Because they have gone on a trip or simply because of lack of time.  In case you do not want to miss contact options, having auto-reply messages can be a good help.

There are many applications in the Play Store aimed at taking advantage of WhatsApp. One of them is WhatsAuto, indicated for automatic responses. The operation is the same as in other applications with automatic response, such as Gmail, for example: its use is very simple.

WhatsAuto offers quite a few options when it comes to creating these automatic responses for use in WhatsApp. In addition, it also works with other messaging applications, such as Telegram.One of the keys to WhatsAuto is that it allows you to create a generic automatic response message. If desired, it is also possible to choose which people will receive the automatic replies when the application is active.  This way only the most important contacts will be aware of the unavailability.

Https api whatsapp com send phone

Among the many functions that the application performs today, we find the ability to share the location. To achieve this, it is as simple as pressing the right button within the chat, although many people are not aware that we can even skip this step.

  Es obligatorio actualizar whatsapp

There is a trick to be able to know the location where a contact is without this person knowing it. WhatsApp gives us the option to share the location in two different ways, although the paths are quite similar. In both cases you have to open a conversation and press the clip on Android or the ‘+’ on iPhone.

From here, we will be able to see two options: “send my real location” or “real-time location”. From here we will have to decide if we do it for 15 minutes, 1 hour or a total of 8 hours. But how can we know someone’s location without doing these steps?

Once here, we will press the Control + Alt + Del keys to open the ‘Windows task manager’. Once here, we will go to Win + R to open the ‘run operating system’ function. Once we have reached this point, we will type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter.

How to add a contact to whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging platforms most used every day by millions of people to keep in touch, either through messages, photos, videos, voice notes, video calls, etc.This platform has many features and tools, plus it is constantly being updated to add new ones. One of them is being able to forward the same message in several chats, but the other person will know it because the word ‘forwarded’ appears.

The first thing you should know is that messages that are forwarded several times appear with the word “Forwarded” or “Forwarded many times”, but on this occasion, we tell you how to make that legend not appear.The trick is to use the share option instead of forwarding a message, with that option, you will get that the message does not appear as forwarded. To send a message in this way you must:

  Coche whatsapp

Direct chat

We’re going to explain how to forward a WhatsApp message without it appearing with the Forwarded mark, so that the other person doesn’t know that you simply clicked forward. WhatsApp’s forwarding feature is a convenient way to take a message or photo that has been sent to you and share it with other people. But when you do this, the other person gets a note telling them that it’s a forwarded message.

The first thing you have to do is go to the conversation where the item you want to share is, and hold your finger down on it to select it. On iOS it’s a little different, and what you’ll have to do is tap on it to open it.

Once you’ve selected the item, tap on the share option instead of the forward option. It will be one of the options that on Android you have at the top right. On iOS, the sharing option is in a different place, and you will have to enter the item by tapping on it to see it.

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