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Error reference number 502

julio 20, 2022

Error 2108 sunat

The User Agent header request contains a characteristic string that allows to identify the network protocol which helps to discover the type of application, operating system, software provider or software version of the user agent request software.

Firefox User Agent StringFor more details of the string-based User Agent in Firefox and Gecko , read Firefox user agent string reference. The Firefox user agent string is divided into 4 components.

Catálogo de códigos sunat 2021

CURLINFO_SSL_VERIFYRESULT códigos de error:0: ok la operación fue exitosa. 2: no se puede obtener el certificado del emisor3: no se puede obtener la CRL del certificado4: no se puede descifrar la firma del certificado5: no se puede descifrar la firma de la CRL6: no se puede descifrar la clave pública del emisor7: fallo de la firma del certificado8: Fallo de la firma de la CRL9: el certificado aún no es válido10: el certificado ha caducado11: la CRL aún no es válida12: la CRL ha caducado13: error de formato en el campo notBefore del certificado14: error de formato en el campo notAfter del certificado15: error de formato en el campo lastUpdate de la CRL16: error de formato en el campo nextUpdate de la CRL17: falta de memoria18: certificado autofirmado19: certificado autofirmado en la cadena de certificados20: no se puede obtener el certificado del emisor local21: no se puede verificar el primer certificado22: cadena de certificados demasiado larga23: certificado revocado24: certificado de CA no válido25: restricción de longitud de ruta superada26: propósito del certificado no admitido27: certificado no fiable28: certificado rechazado29: falta de coincidencia del emisor del sujeto30: falta de coincidencia del identificador de clave de la autoridad y del sujeto31: falta de coincidencia del número de serie de la autoridad y del emisor32: el uso de la clave no incluye la firma del certificado50: fallo en la verificación de la aplicacióndetalles en http://www.

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Errors sunat electronic invoicing

Access, rectification and deletion of data, data portability, limitation or opposition to its processing, right not to be subject to automated decisions, as well as to obtain clear and transparent information about the processing of their data.

Technically, the meta description is an HTML tag that provides information to the document. It is defined as a header element and always goes inside the <head> tag, at the top of the structure of a web page:

The meta title is much shorter in length than the meta description, as it must occupy a single line, so it does not give as much play. It should contain the target keyword of that page and describe its content semantically. There is not much more you can do with so little space. Where you have to show off is in the meta description, which is where you can really make an effort to convince people to click through to your pages.

Technically, the meta title is derived from the <title> tag of the document which you will find (just like the meta description) in the document header. For example, the sample code for this tag for Raiola’s home page is:

The sales value per item differs from the amounts shown.

CORS is an acronym that refers to the security rules that guarantee the communication between two points with a different precedence to the domain from which the call is made (i.e.: different domains).

In the image shown, these rules are activated when trying to deliver/get the information from the server corresponding to “”, if an exchange is not made according to the server, the web client will cancel the request even before anything else.

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Access-Control-Allow-Origin: is a header that is returned to indicate if the response can be shared with the requesting domain. You can indicate the domains you want to share the information with (separated by commas) or an asterisk (*) if you don’t know the origin of your requester.

I would verify that the way I am using to control the access is not among the known cases that present vulnerabilities (the ones presented here are surely not a complete list, but enough to give an idea of where to start).

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